Markaz is the place where entrepreneurs and investors can meet each other and explore opportunities for doing business. Entreprenuers' profiles include startups needing seed money to fully developed businesses needing cash for equity.

Both can engage registered business developers, auditors and lawfirms for consultancy. This creates a trusting relationship between both parties.

The goal of Markaz is to safeguard the investment and generate sustained returns to benefit all participants in the business.

  • Planting 'seeds' to make ideas really work.

  • Ideas, plans, intelligence and energy lead to innovation.

  • Creation of long-term value for your business through R&D.

  • Transparency and integrity are keys to success.

  • Profits can only be sustained by adhering to rules.


Investors allocate capital with the expectation of a financial return. At Markaz serious attention is paid to provide lagal and financial protection to investors. Efforts and activities are carried out to observe, safeguard and enforce the rights and claims of investors. This includes advice and legal action.

With accurate financial reporting by auditors you will be able to make informed decisions and with strong investor protections your selected business venture will grow fast.

If you have savings and need better returns then register yourself at Markaz and search & select a suitable entrepreneur to do business with.


Entrepreneurs are individuals who organize or operate businesses. Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying and starting a new business venture and sourcing and organizing the required resources while taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture.

Entrepreneurs are leaders willing to take risk and exercise initiative, taking advantage of opportunities in the market by planning, organising and making use of resources, often by innovating new or improving existing products.

If you have an idea or already run a business and have proven leadership qualities then you are a potential entrepreneur. So register yourself at Markaz, create a profile and share your business idea with us to attract serious investors.